Amazing Collegemates Gathering

Its been ages since I met all my classmates. Missing them so so muchie. Some of them just head back from UK, finished their summer course, some of them start to work and don't really get to meet anymore. This is why this gathering come about. To gather all of us around again to get the night crazy.
khai & pEi
Kimmy & pEi
yoke kuan, pEi & Vicky
pEi & Mr Alan
Dust ( my son ) & pEi
The spontaneous shoot but somehow our Mr Bao still able to show his pose.
Vicky & pEi
pEi & cute, pretty Tinny
The Happy Brotherhood
Happy Sisterhood

I really have lots lots of fun last night with them. Too bad every start of something there will be ending. Wish all of you had a great future ahead.
p/s: all the double photo taken was took by myself...improve by seeing how lovely Donna took picture with us


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