Esquire Kitchen

A good friend of mine came over last weeks before she wait to go back Miri. Been shopping around and of course dining is a must. We went to this Esquire Kitchen which I had been hoping to go.
Teaser I will show you the man of the day before I show you some good food.

I kinda love this vege because its light and great with the oyster sauce. Garlic gives the vege nice aroma. Thumbs up for this.
Pig Leg
OMG!!! OMG!! This is so tempting I told you. So so great of taste and you will love it if you like something heavy. I bet someone who do not like 3 layer pork would not even try a single bite of this.
Sweet & Sour Fish
I think this fish is just alright and not really good enough for a restaurant like them. This is really worst than my expectation. If they have more taste on the gravy it would be better.
Chicken with Lemon Sauce
This is also not very good. The chicken itself is alright but then the lemon sauce was like not really match with the chicken. I think combination is important in food.
Siao Long Pao
I think this is not as good as the one from Dragon-i. This is nothing compare to it. I know this is bad to compare but as a customer we have the right don't we???

Enough of it? hahahaha finally of the post a picture of the gals....


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