Finally after so long I had made it to develop my photo. I am so so anxious when I finish the first roll of film. Can't wait to develop the photo and look at the outcome. Surprisingly some of the photos is better than I thought and I guess that's the surprise and satisfaction I got from lomo. It was not just that spur of moment but the overall go through process that I am having. The following is what I had got from my lovely lomo. Enjoy it and there's some more in my fb account. Do visit and give me comment or critics!!


joyce said…
pei, where to buy the lomo?

isit expensive?
-pEi- said…
joyce i buy from this link
http://lomo-crews.blogspot.com/ u can also go to http://dtjustfilm.blogspot.com/ try to compare prizes

price vary form what kind you buy and choose

good luck in your hunting
William said…
Pei, these photos are nice! I like them. Good composition too!
-pEi- said…
Thanks william and feels great and honour that u r here.

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