Summary 2010

I had been writing this every year ever since I started this blog. This year I don't think there's much to say about EXCEPT for one and this will be fully mentioned in this blog. This is the only thing that I think had been really great in my life. Adventurous and exciting.

First of all, I had celebrated the best birthday I had ever had. Celebrated with bunch of travel mates, coach and lovely kind driver Dennis. Everyone had been so kind and I'm going real crazy and insane. Totally blew off.

Next on, I had been meeting lots of nice people. This is all faith. I would say I am amazed and loving them. Loving in terms of grateful and hoping to see them again some day which I think is a little impossible. But somehow they had been part of my memories and hoping it will be forever.

Third, travelling had always been a dream of mine. Studying abroad had gave me this opportunity and till now it was still like a dream and it is truly beautiful. Hopefully, I get to explore more and more fantastic country that I had not been to.

Drink, play and eat is a definite. Nothing is more enjoying than this moment. I will remember it for life. Try something that I had never tried before.

Finally, back to Miri was awesome. Back home is always great. Lovely beach and superb view.

Hopefully I'm still not too late for all of this. A memory of 2010. Too many lows and highs, up and downs. CHEERZ~


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