COTE - London

This is a very interesting restaurant. Personally, I love it very much. Nothing bad to be criticise about. Some how you will find out that actually lots of UK restaurant were well decorate and you will realised that they put lots of effort. You will love it when you step into any restaurant in UK BUT not included those chinese or other types of cuisine like korean or Japanese.

Appetizer for the start.Mushroom soup but you can see it is different from what we usually had. The aroma, the taste was awesome. Not too sticky at all and shall described as mama mia~~~ You will find out that they had varieties species of mushroom that taste great.

Grilled Fish
It looks nice from the picture isn't it? I did not tried a bite but some how the person who ordered this simply like it. He thinks this was nice and good. Am I right???

Grilled Chicken
I don't really remember what does my choice of the day called so I just simply get it a name. I think it was alright because the greenish thing doesn't really impress me. The chicken was great because I love the light aroma of the olive oil taste.

Baked Potato
This is nice. Additional ordered. The one who ordered doesn't like this because it was a little too milky for him which he don't really like. I simply love the taste. A new try for me. Revolution dish I guess? I had no idea but simple ingredients with awesome outcome.

This restaurant was real awesome. I'm hoping to return to this restaurant again if there's a chance. Remember visit is if you happen to be at London which I kinda forget which street it situated. hahahaha...Somewhere around London, that's all I knew.


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