China - Restaurant Asia

This is one of the Chinese Restaurant I visited during my europe trip. Personally I think this is the best chinese restaurant that I had went to so far. Their food original enough. Missing hometown food so much and this could have fulfill some of the missing desired.

The originality you can feel from their plates and utensils. Their decoration makes you feel so genuine as if you are at China or even Hong Kong maybe?

Soup of the day.
Tomato and pickled vegetable. Nice smell and taste great too.

A very simple dish but yet very originality of Chinese cuisine.

3 layer pork
My fave. I just love pork especially with 3 layered because the texture was real great. Different texture when you bite in.

Chicken with Onion
A very new dish that I had ever tried. Personally think this is very new. Peanuts added the aroma of the dish. Good I would rate.

Roasted Duck
This is real yummy. I just love how they done it. Even might not as good as Peking Duck but somehow the skin was very crispy and the duck meat was great. Not hard to chew at all.

Steam Fish
This is just fine. A little too oily for me. But I appreciate they take out the bones for us.

I personally love this restaurant. This is at Heidelberg. They have fantastic beer too. Never miss out their beer because it was truly awesome.


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