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This is a restaurant that I went to at London. This makes me real pissed off. I never ever had such mad feeling towards a restaurant before. Don't even feel like entering there anymore. I never ever have such annoying feeling while having dinner. This is once in a life time. Chinese look down at Chinese.

To be frank and true their food was not bad and quite nice. This is a fact that I can't deny but somehow their attitude while serving customer really unacceptable. Personally, I love their duck very much.

They don't really like to serve chinese because they have this thought that chinese don't give tips but so do the english men. They pay by credit or debit card and how can they pay you tips then? They just like throwing your food to you instead of proper served it to you. It makes me really pissed off. That would be my very first and will be last too.

That was just what I experienced when I was there. Maybe you will overcome different thing. If you happen to visit London and stop by at China Town you will find this store. EXPERIENCED their services and food. Who knows you might have something different than I do.


Anonymous said…
Chinese serving English in London are often just the same. I think its a London thing. Pay btip separately so that it goes to the witer not the management.
-pEi- said…
Yeah I know but it depends on the management too sometimes they had their way in managing and operate.

It doesnt meant they can serve with that attitude. We r customer that pays. We don't eat FOC isn't it?

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