Cafe Miri

This is a cafe that I had been wanted to try for a long long time but had no chance at all. Christmas eve I dropped by and had my christmas eve dinner. I love it. Had their great turkey course which really blew me off. First time had been such a great experienced, so no doubt that I'm gona return again pretty soon.

Who would expect a pot of tea on a western cuisine isn't it? This is really fusion part. Heavy meal with great digestion cup of tea.

Turkey course with cranberries and broccoli and potato side dishes. Yummy yum yum......

Mixed Grill
A big portion and luckily two plates we share among the 3 of us. We are real full and enjoying our meal that night.

It was a great night and awesome meal. Might turn out there on new year's eve night.. They will surprise you with better meal package.


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