Wan Xing Restaurant

This restaurant is famous with its crab. Purposely went there for their crab but somehow when we arrived and about to take order the last plate of crab sold out. So unlucky. I wana have crab!!!! But somehow they have other special dish.

This is cook with belacan. I never tried bilin with belacan because of allergy. I just tried a little. I still love bilin with traditional made wine.

Nestum Prawn
To be frank I don't know much about prawn because I'm allergy to it. Somehow weird allergy. Sometimes I will feel itchy after eat sometimes not. Super Duper strange. So, I tried one, ok I guess. Some who really likes prawn might have different thought.

Pork Rib with Milk
This is out of normal dishes. Most people cook it with butter but this is with milk. We would like to try and the outcome was amazing. All of us just love it. I bet you gona love it if you love something sweet and salty together. Great combination taste.

Seafood Soup
This is always one of our favourite pick. This is normal. I think the one I had at Airy Cafe is much tastier. But somehow this is ok too.

Hot Plate Mix Tofu
A very normal dish. But somehow this is nice. Not just Japanese tofu but also local white tofu. We want it mix instead of just one type of tofu. They spread all the eggs below and makes the whole presentation of the food more awesome.

Give it a try when you're around centre point. Their food really worth trying especially crabs BUT bare in mind make your reservation.


lasapka said…
hai wai tien crab also ho ciak.
Anonymous said…
Btw, It's Midin not Bilin. There's no such food as Bilin.

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