toku - London

toku toku toku......This Japanese restaurant was highly recommended and I think you might in love too when you first dine in. A very genuine and truly originality of Japanese cuisine.

Wasabi Green Bean
Weird and special. Weirdo than the wasabi ice-cream that I ever had at Tokyo G!

Fried Chicken Set
I simply love the chicken. Crispy and nice. Just not what we normally had. Sauce makes a great combination with the fried chicken.

Have a name which I can't remember. The portion is bigger than normal one. But still I love Escapade sushi more. Just the sushi.

Bento Set
This is real awesome. Everything in one but the portion is too big for a normal eater like me.

How wonderful meal it is. Great satisfaction for me because I just love salmon and sashimi. yum yummy~

This was a big feast for me. I pretty enjoy the fun time and "food time" I had in London. Special thanks to my relatives for his hospitality and the treat. I am hoping to return to London soon for another trip.


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