Prague - 21/09/2010 to 24/09/2010

I never knew there's such place until I had a chance to get thorough about it. I feel so much satisfaction and no regret to fly over and spend some money on this short vacation. Fly over to this lovely placed name Prague. Capital of Czech Republic which is not far from Europe. Flying from London takes around 2 hours. Just like normal flight from KL to Miri. The very first impression to me was awesome. People was friendly and kind. Even they do can't speak our language but they are still trying to help. They live a simple life but not even out-to-date. That's the thing I love most.

Their food is a good thing. Their taste is very similar to what we have back in Malaysia. Feel so good to be have something like home.

Night time, had a try on their local made beer. It's really nice and smooth. Not bad even for first time drinker.

Slept early that night because me and my friend was really tired. We did not sleep well because we took an early flight. Just sleep and rest before we starts visit and look at Prague. The view totally amazed me. I am "wow-ing" non stop while we were walking down the street.

Their words was fascinating. Not something similar to French or Italian but they are more to Japs. I love to hear their language. Nice and soft.

Their famous Charles Bridge. All the statue were awesome. Lots of stalls selling their handmade accessories to tourist. All handmade form clay. They are just great in all these handmade stuff. Just blew me off.

Pictures say it all. Don't need any much elaboration and you'll such impress by the pictures. I tried their local food on my last night at Prague. they were awesome and extraordinary. I would come again with someone I love. Enjoy the view and also fantastic environment.

I would define I was truly enjoying during my Prague trip. The most enjoyable of all because I get to slow down my foot pace and enjoy everything and not in a rush. Love it all!!


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