Dessert Master

If you do realise I'm a food hunter and basically I had do so many food reviews but never did one for Miri yet. Because all this while I was at KL. Now, I'm gona review this newly open dessert house in Miri.

They had varieties of chinese desserts and also local cendol and rojak oh.......Here are some that I tried.

Gui Ling Gao
Tofu Fa
Aloe Vera
Steamed Egg with Milk
Taiwan famous "Ai Yu Bing"

Durian Pancake
Overall I think their steamed egg with milk is quite good. Before I forget also their Mango Sago is very nice too. I did not get to capture a picture of it. Their durian pancake outer layer is a little too thick. I still prefer KL sweetchat. Much tastier. The above name is what I can remember and might not be the same from what is in the menu.


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