Nine 2 Five

Don't know where to have your dinner your lunch? Don't know what to cook or fed up of doing all the cooking and setting the menu everyday? Come to this restaurant which is quite reasonable and have varieties of food.

Cucumber Soup
I love the soup. Great sense of chicken aroma. I just love how it taste and how it can makes me cool down.

Sesame Honey Chicken
This is nice. Personally my mum give a thumbs up for it. I love the texture and sauce. It is not over cook with is hard to chew. A little salty and sweet is just awesome.

Claypot Mixed Vegetable
This is simple but yet very complicated. Not only vege but also vermicelli. Personally think they cook and done a little steamed after that to let the vege absorbs the gravy.

I don't what's the name for this in english but somehow this is the very simple vege but somehow what we have to eat almost everyday.

Sweet and Sour fish Fillet
This is not as good as it looks. Tempting color but taste is not as good as the honey chicken. I think they over put the sugar into it. Hopefully they can taste and improve a little.

Overall the dinner was good. I love it especially the environment. I'm gona be back for more food.


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