Little Banquet - After 3

My first time visit to little banquet after a few months they landed at Miri. A very classical interior in the middle of our old china town. Nice and great place to let you sit down and relax.

They have variety of choices range from western to local cuisines and also breakfast of course. Beef greatly done. Of course not as good as what I have had at Europe but this good enough.

Lemon Chicken. Not as good as it looks. Their sauce is so not blend with the chicken. You can feel like it was 2 separate entity. No connection at all.
Sweet and sour fish. Just okie dokie only. Not really really great. I know somewhere better than this. Can have a try thou because everyone have different taste.

Butterfish. Personally the gravy was not bad but some how the fish was too sandy taste. U know "dan sui yu" always have the sand taste. Maybe the can use some other fish. Can hardly cover the taste and smell.

But I think it is great to have another new place to dine.


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