Airy Cafe

I just love it when comes to food review. I had been eating non-stop all this while. Do not mention my weight but somehow I gained food experienced. ahahahahaha

This is one of my personal favorite cafe. Love it ever since it renovates. Their food is still up to standards and never change. Not all of them were great but at least they had top ten list. Most of the time I had their lunch set. this time round tried their dinner pick.

Seafood Soup
One of my fave no matter where am I. This is not bad at all. Vinegar and sesame oil just blend totally well in it. Great mixture.

Sizzling Tofu
Personally think it is too salty. The ingredient they cooked with was not bad. If it is less salty. I guess it would taste better.

Midin with wine
This is famous local vege. A must pick most of the time for me again. West Malaysian who were here should have a try because they can't found it anywhere there.

Deer meat in sizzling style
I like deer meat especially when its cook in simple way, garlic with onion. This is another style but I think it was over cooked. The meat is so hard that it can be hardly chew. So maybe next time can cook less time so that we can have better texture of the meat.


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