Tai Wu Cantonese Restaurant

There was this saying about Manchester having the best dim sum in UK, do you believe it? Yes or No is up to you to decide but so far for me they are.

I had the opportunity to go to this famous Tai Wu in Manchester as per my friend who studied there. I'm glad that I get to know a lot of new friends too. Super awesome they are.

Their interior design makes me feel I was at Hong Kong. I never been there before but just look the same as what we always watch from the movie.

See the long list? I don't even know what to choose. But first of all, I don't even understand most of the words. =.=''''

Egg Tart

I am so loving this egg tart. So crispy and yet so tasty too. I love how their egg taste. Not too sweet and yet you still able to taste their heavy egg aroma which most of the egg tart nowadays don't have anymore.

"wu kok"

This is just so yummy. I love this when ever I go for dim sum. Never miss out in my list. Ever since I'm allergy to it, I can't pick this anymore but somehow to Manchester I can't miss this opportunity because how they made sure gona be different from Malaysia.

"Chee Cheong Fun"

This is just alright for me as they put in prawn in it. Good in ingredients but not really practical. Too big and it drops out when you pick up. I still love what we have at Pelita 2020, Miri. That's what I called awesome.

Fried Spring Roll

This is awesome with its vinegar. I would say the ingredient is nice and the outer layer was very crispy. Not really my favorite thou.

"lo bak gou"

This is not pretty nice too. Over sticky. I think they use too much of flour. Nothing special at all.

Prawn Roll

Personally I love this too. Can't really remember the name so just make up one for it. Can try it out. Crispy and yummy.

"Siew Mai"

Pork is still the best for dim sum. Carrot and mushroom in it makes the dim sum more tasty. It just taste like how a siew mai should taste.

"Har Kao"

Either two below is har kao and one of them I really can't recall the name but I am sure it is 2 different food. Normal I would say but not extraordinary. Still looking for something that can blew me off.

Fried Dumpling

This is awesome. I love this personally. One of my favorite of the day. Outside was crispy and inside was tasty soft meat. The high temperature doesn't affect the texture at all.

That meal was awesome. Really blew me off and what a satisfying day. I feel really satisfied that I get to stop by at Manchester once again.


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