London Part II - 24/9/2010-26/9/2010

Did I mention that I will be back to London after my Prague trip? This time round I am brought travelling around by a relatives. We were play mates when we were kids. We did not get along together when all of us grew up and head on to our own path. I get to know him more this time round on my London visits.

On my first day, he bring me to borough market. A very nice market that you get to see customer and seller bargain for price.

It is rather relax. We did not really rush for any destination. Just walk and visit. We came across to this gallery museum. A very awkward one. Nothing special at all but have something pretty normal and not usual at all.

This is the best among all. A very creative piece of art compare to others. There is one, a big piece of plastic bag pour with paint and hang it up. Truly normal even I can do it.

And this one, more useless. Cutting of newspaper magazine and paste. Whoever can did this isn't it? I did not feel anything unusual at all.

This is Saatchi Gallery.
Happen to pass by this superb showroom. Everyone would definitely go near for a peep. That's the Lamborghini. Y9u will be surprise with their price. Still consider cheap even after convert.

We saw this street performance. He was hilarious and we did enjoy his performance. the best thing about England is they earn money with hard work and not like Malaysia. Sit there and wait someone to throw a coin or two into their box.

Lunch is awesome. Treat from my cuzzies. He is so generous and I am really satisfied with his hospitality.

This is taken on our second day. We did not planned to go any visits actually but somehow just walk around and have some view and scene. Drop by at this chinese canteen and had our late lunch. See this peep, non-stop with his iPhone.

London view is awesome. The best thing to watch this superb view is with a cup of hot coffee. The weather is turning cold, a cup of coffee definitely warms your heart.

We came to this National Museum. Just walk in since we have no place to head too. Pretty boring but little impress too.

We went back home after the visit because it rains. Take a nap before time for dinner. Once again my cuzzies being real generous. He know that I love sushi, he treat me to a Japanese restaurant. He said this was nice and truly original. Will blog more about it soon.

Night peeps found. He was a real spontaneous person. I just told him I love to dance, he straight away brought me to search for awesome clubs. How nice is he. Our search begun right after our dinner and that's only about 8.30pm. From one to another, dance from one song to another continuously. I really did enjoy that night. Thanks to him once again.

The third day. My final day in London. Took some picture of his room. Did I mentioned that he gave out his only room for me and he slept in the living room. I felt so bad for this and grateful that he did that. At least I had lower chance to catch cold.

Final picture before I left to Manchester. He always complain of my photography skills and also my camera. I know he is being hilarious and joking around. He had being really helpful and very kind. Thanks dude!


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