Manchester - 26/9/2010-1/10/2010

Finally I reached Manchester. This would be my last destination before I fly back to Malaysia. I really gona spend my last few days in UK wisely by shopping non-stop. I don't know when I'm gona return to this place again.

Everyone knows when you go Manchester you shall never miss out this because they had the best dim sum of all. My friend purposely head down there just to have their dim sum. You can find a lot hongkies there. That's why their dim sum is almost similar to what you gona have at Hong Kong.

Besides shopping, I am eating non-stop too. Trying all the best food all I can. Trying all the food that I can't get to try back in Malaysia. Stop by at this pancake express for our lunch.

That mall was real awesome. Lots of great brands but not as big as what I had in Liverpool. I still love high street mall. They are truly awesome. You'll never realise how fast the time flies.

Time just past too fast. Went for dinner after whole day shopping. Just in a blink of an eye, four days just past. Time to pack and fly back to Malaysia.

I am having great fun all this while. I am gona miss all of them. I am gona miss all the fun time and moment I had ever been through. I am hoping to return here very very soon. Loving this place as a vacation not for living. Mamamia~


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