Very O.K

Can you guess what it is when you see the topic or title? Or what is your thought before you click into my blog seeing this title? I bet you'll never thought it would be something about food???? This is actually a cafe name and was surprise too when I saw it.

Just a normal cafe but have varieties of dim sum that I had never tried before. This is not only different from what we have in Miri but also KL.

I had no idea what this is because I don't even get to even put into my mouth. There's so much to choose from so I did not get to grab this which is actually quite far from me.

Their food is really tempting isn't it? They had lots lots of varieties with fantastic colors. It's not self-service but they came over to you and you choose what you want. They had great services. I am truly satisfied and so far they had the best and also the only one I tried before.


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