Restaurant Teck Sing - Non-Halal

As I mentioned previously, Johore have so much nice food to wait you to fill in and this is one of the best restaurant in Johore.

Their famous "Zi Bao Ji", "Chicken Wrapped"????

Just a guess and I have no idea what shall I called it in english. Trust me you will like it because it was truly awesome. At least for it was. The slowly release chicken aroma that steamed with herbs were truly fascinating. The smell was not as strong as you might imagine but just right.

"Kou Rou"

Once again I have no idea how to translate this into english but it was good too. Oily and fat meat combination with salted vegetables are just typical food of chinese, "Mei cai kou rou".

Curry Fish

I never had such a nice curry fish before. It was spicy but great aroma of curry. This is so best that I had it again and again into my bowl. Potato were like sponge absorbing the curry sauce but not flaccid at all in fact you can still feel the texture of a potato instead of like smashed potato. Fish were greatly done because there is no fishy smell or hardly crunch fish texture. Normally, when you cook too long the fish and potato lost it's original taste and texture. I shall give 2 thumbs up for it!!!

This day was awesome of most. Great day, great food with great people and family gatherings. I would like to apologise because I do not know the exact location but for sure some where In Johore and to narrow down your find, this is one of the coverage by Ho Chiak, 8TV!


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