Food in Singapore

I have heard so much and see so much of how great Singapore food is. Some way they appearance looks good but just a bit too salty. Maybe they had heavy taste for food, they like something salty and over sweet which is not a very good sign.

This fish ball was better among the above because the balls were good but still the soup still salty.

This "Tau Sar Piah" was awesome when I smell the aroma and it was tastier when you put it in mouth. The crispy layer, nice ingredients of red bean produce nice quality of food. Yummy~

It seems like food is around but just not easy to find just like this shop below. If there's no one to bring us around, I won't know that there's dessert shop right at this very narrow lanes.
A few "kuih" and desserts to relief our heat. Just too hot. This shop have great desserts especially their durian ice.

I assumed it come from Japan because of the Japs word on it. The sign stick on the box was real. Once I took it back, the mint inside melts and even the chocolate too. It's too bad and that's why I did not buy it back as souvenir.

Rasapura Masters at Marina Bay Sand had so many varieties of food. Varieties of food from different countries. You name it you can found it. Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, China and Western.

Overall the trip is alright but something that I am little regret is I did not get to shopping. Did manage to drop by at Bugis Street but did not get to buy anything at all. REGRET!


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