Liverpool John Moores 2011 Graduation Ceremony - 19th February 2011

At the moment, my study life end at this stage. I am glad I had make it this far. I know this will be one of my most precious moment so far in my life. I won't be attending any more graduation for this moment because this is the highest level that I can go through.

I am having lots of fun and enjoy the moment with all the friends. We are having great time gathering around even the time is short. I am glad that my mum and god mother was there to watch that glorious moment.

My bff, Shirley was there too. So happy that she was there and watch that moment together in the same hall.

We, the girls will never miss out any shot together. We were awesome with our graduation robe.

The man. I shall said that looks not bad but not as awesome as us!!! Hahahahahahaha

Lots of picture taken before the ceremony begins because we know this is the only moment we get to hang around before the happy moment ends.

Even the ceremony takes only 2 hours but it was quite long. The ceremony was important but was very boring too. hehehehhe ^^

More photos after the ceremony of course. Just because I'm too rush I miss out so many photos with most of the gangs. I am truly satisfied and hoping mummy was feeling proud too. I finally graduated. I am graduands. Congratulations to me and all the students!!


dasolve said…
Congrats Mui! Gor proud of you!
-pEi- said…
Thanks to you too!

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