Ke Ren Lai ( Johor Baharu)

There's so much good food that you can ask for at Johor. It seems like so much to eat yet not time to try it all. We went to this restaurant in a mall, the interior was great and feels comfortable but you can never imagine how their food taste. Stay tuned and you shall get the answer.

The food they served are simple home dish. I bet students who went over studies and far from home would LIKELY hang around here.

Sweet Potato Leaves

Minced Pork with Pickled Vegetables
This is awful. You can never imagined how it taste from it's look.And I had no idea how can they served such thing or maybe because of the pork itself. It reminds me of the pork that I had while I stayed at England. Total awful!

"Suan Pan Zi"
I don't know what do you called it in english but this is typical hakka dish. So far till now, I never had this dish ever at home. My mum is a very typical hakka lady but never ever heard of this and she never cook this dish before.

Minced pork with salted vegetables
This is just the same as the previous one. I still can't accept how it taste.

"Fu Rong" Egg
This is best of all besides potato leaves. The egg aroma was awesome. I little smokey just brought out the origin taste of a egg. Prawn within it are just great combination.

I wouldn't come back for second time but this was the only bad experience I had. I don't even feel full after that meal. Disappointed but still there's great food around.


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