Ajisen Ramen

Do you notice any new restaurant opening around Miri? If you love food and hang out much around then you will know, Ajisen Ramen is officially open last month.

Only both of us, we agreed to go for their ramen but somehow their menu brought down us a little because there were not much choice at the moment. I'm hoping they could have more in future.

Spicy Ramen
Truly spicy for me. Those who love hot & spicy can accept this I guess because its mild enough to satisfied spicy lovers.

Miso Ramen
Soup is good but a little too salty. Meat was great and the ramen was ok. I don't know whether it was handmade but if it was, some improvement shall be make. I don't feel much texture in it while chewing noodle in my mouth.

It is a must pick when I come into a Japanese Restaurant. You have to try the most simple thing to judge a Japs restaurant. Outlook was fine but the taste was a little unacceptable. Unagi sushi was not bad but salmon was a total disappointment. Maybe I'm loving salmon too much so I had little more expectation on it. Personally, I think the salmon was not juicy enough. Too dry when put into mouth. Can't feel the origin taste of salmon.

A picture of my lady babe. Thanks to her for spending some time hang out. Never miss out any chances to dine with her when she's back. Lovely as before and getting more lady.

Me with my new hairstyle and my pick food.

Enough of talk and let's start to eat!~


老虎摄影师 said…
Pretty pretty bear.
is it delicious?
-pEi- said…
err...just alright, not awesome enough

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