Truly Singapore

I never been to Singapore before and this is a great opportunity to see this truly Singapore. I heard too much about this going-to-be part of Malaysia and luckily they don't because what they achieved today is much better than what Malaysia facing. It doesn't mean that I don't like Malaysia but I think a small country can be so developing it is so awesome.

It's a one day trip, went to Sentosa. It's a little regret that I did not get into Universal but there's a little chance for me to go back. I did not get to the malls yet.

The mascot of Singapore. Special and always creative. I know there's another one some where just I did not see it.

After Sentosa we went to China Town. It was fantastic and feel of Chinese culture.

People told me that you can find all those good food at Singapore but I did not get to eat much but one of these Ice Durian were great and tell you what, Singapore have lots of China Dolls.

This thing make me wanted to capture. ERP that I used to see in Singapore Drama by Jack Neo but I had no idea what it is until today because it is not something like our toll station that we have in Malaysia.

This building was romantic for me. The lights shine according to the rhythm. It turns black when the music stops. Just fantastic.

Heading to this bugis street which is the longest night market street at SIngapore. You can find whatever you want here. Bag, attire, shoes, accessories, you name it I bet they have it. Did not get to really walk in and see because really tired and lack of energy to continue walk. Haven't had my dinner yet ba~~

The day was truly great. After that, we went over again to Singapore but it's a spontaneous decision. Staying there almost the whole day is tiring. I don't bet and I just watch. Real boring! So, I just spend some dollar on the slot machine. Luckily I get to kill my time easily. Some shots that I captured at Marina Bay Sand.

The best shot that I can get when I was on the bus.

Overall Singapore was alright. Just that everyone was rushing and pace was very fast. Even escalator faster than other people. It suits for vacation but not for long term.


Anonymous said…
been there last feb. One thing for sure, its very2 clean...
-pEi- said…
yeah went there last feb too
undeniable ur word is true

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