District 9

I never knew I would actually like this kinda movie. It is never my type or in list that I would go and watch but somehow to my surprise it did give me a blast.
Personally,I think this was not bad. Somehow maybe because I did not expect too much out of it. The story of this movie is about human and alien and personally thinks that it is a little about real life situation, racist.

The alien spaceship had somehow faced some technical problem and stop on earth. Living creature in it had been suffering of hunger and human tried to help them by getting them out and created a space for them called district 9.

For them this is not life at all. They were limited to that particular space only but somehow this is for human safety too. We never know what these alien gonna do isn't it? The population of district 9 is growing and they plan to move them to another placed and appointed a person to do this job.

This man had been really doing his job but somehow he had been affected by some sort of fluid he found and slowly transforming to the part of alien. It was a touching part indeed and sad of the story.

For me, this movie bring out some sort of moral value in between. Even human and aliens work together to come through every obstacles so why we, human is not helping our same species to make earth a better place?


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