Memorable week back to Miri

I was back to Miri last week for a week. It is not too long but indeed I am having a great time with my family especially and bunch of friends. Thanks to them I am enjoying my week back and also having great birthday celebration.

Day 1 - 07/09/09

On the first day upon my arrival I went direct to skin specialist where I had decided to went. Fully book makes my plan to seek for him in the afternoon. Time allowed makes me went over to Boulevard and look for my buddy Mary. Missing her and the time we hang out together. Sitting with her and chit chat with her and another ILM member. Will talk about ILM more in my coming post. In the afternoon, went back to the doctor and wait for about an hour to take my turn. The consultancy was a total disappointment for me. Not going any place at night because not much of them knew I was back and around.

Day 2 - 08/09/09

Today will be a little happier because had some appointment for a movie. Went to meet yong at his Techkie House. Been so so long since I last met him and he is still generous as usual. At night, went out for movie with Casper and Chong Ngie which I did not expect to see. It's been so so long since I met him. We watch district 9 which was not bad and I am gona make a little review about it.

Day 3 - 09/09/09

Today was more excited because I had so many plan in scheduled. Went lunch with Anthony a.k.a Kingston. He was worried that I am going to be lonely and lack of love so he introduced his friend to me. It was a little awkward for me to go through this process but I appreciate his initiative for being such a caring friend.

Not only that. This day is the day where lots of couple to tie a knot and building up their own family. It is a good that for remembrance but for some chinese it is indeed not a so good date in the lunar calendar.

At night, a friend of mine, Joey had been celebrating my pre birthday as I had been fully book on the exact date. We went to SOHO for a dinner and we called it a night after that. Wish to thank him and I met Irene and Cynthina too. What a coincidence and memorable night.

Irene & -pEi-

-pEi- & Cynthina

Day 4 - 10/09/09

Today is a very happy day. Thanks to all who sent me greetings and take time to meet me. Morning I had breakie with my aunties. Been really glad to have them around. I was free after that till night. Night will be a very busy time for me. I had 2 rounds of dinner to catch but indeed it is my pleasure to have them to celebrate with me.

First round of the night was with my ah gor a.k.a Dasolve. He had been really kind to squeeze his mind what to gave me. Out of my expectation, he gave me the birthday present that I would never expect to receive. I am actually so so happy enough for him to accompany me during my bday.

my cake from ah gor

After the first round, second round I am rushing to Seahorse II where both was actually not far away. It is actually a small and mini gathering of ILM. I wanted to thank Mary for her birthday cake which had make her camera broken and also organise this gathering for a small meet up with bunch of old friends. Thanks to bibubibu, Cync and also Yong to be there that night.

Yong from Techkie House
A picture from Mary my birthday cake from Mary
Candle Blowing
A group photo
Day 5 - 11/09/09

The day before I am back to KL. Been really busy doing last minute outing and meeting friends. Once again had been dating Mary and one of the ILM member for lunch. Mary is feeling not well and still willing to accompany me out to lunch. We went to Airy cafe which had just finished renovated and the environment is much more better compare the the previous one.

In the afternoon, went for tea with coolman, yong, alexysl, lasapka and also brandon which is all famous character. Feel honoured to meet them and they are really hilarious to talk with. You will never knew how old they will be if you did not meet them personally.

Day 6 - 12/09/09
My day to fly back. Been really doing all last minute job. Went to lutong for breakie with ah gor. There is also where I pack or tapao all the Miri famous kolok mee back to KL for my colleagues. For lunch, went out to nine 2 five with mummy and bro since daddy is not free to celebrate belated birthday as I am not free on the exact date and they were too.
After that, rush over too parkson and met Florence dear on her birthday. Lucky to have meet her before my flight. She is always kind and sweet to me. Not to mention also kimgo. Still so hilarious but gaining some weight. Nice to have meet u both before I leave.

The flight had been delayed for about an hour. Makes me really frustrated but still I arrived safe at home.


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