Food in Miri

I had just went back recently to Miri and find out we have so much of local delicacies which some other don't know and would love to try. This is to encourage people coming over to Miri too and try our famous food around.

1. Kolok Mee
Number one on the list which most of the mirian would agree with me is our local "gan mian: or better know as "kolok mee". This is so so different what what we it over west Malaysia. I never miss out eating these when ever I am back and every each of us where crazy for this when we were not eating it for too long. We will never forget to get some back to the place we work for some of our friends too. They love it and so do you.

2. Kuih/Kueh
I would say that Sarawak or Miri had the best kuih compare to west Malaysia. I ever tried some of the kuih over here it is not as good as I had at my hometown. BUT malay kuih is definitely good enough.

This is one it in my list. Ican say I never miss eating this when I was back to Miri. I just love the soft and plainness of the kuih. I used to buy or have to say I only buy from krokop 10 market from that old friendly auntie. I had been eating her kuih since I was a kid. She always had the best for this. Thumbs up for her.

"chai kueh" is one of the non-exception in my list. This is also one of it that I have since my teenage time. They have the best "chai kueh". The skin out layer is thin and you can have lots of ingredients in it. Once you have it you would ask for more. Try it to believe me.

3. Taste Better - Durian Ice-cream
I am not a crazy durian lover that hunt for durian everywhere but I would described myself as I like durian. This newly open stall in BIntang Megamall served most top list fruit that people love in ice-cream, the durian ice-cream. People would definitely love it because the taste was just nice and awesome. Durian lovers, this will definitely satisfied your taste bud.

4. Kokoberry
This is also a must go place and must have when you were hanging around at Miri and Bintang Megamall which was previously known as Parkson. They had been operating quite long time and still served the best Pearl Milk Tea of all. I never miss out having it too when I was back there. Their pearl still nice as before. Soft and easy to chew. Not like some of it its hard and takes really long to chew.

5. Buah Talap
This is something you will never find at west Malaysia. This is a type of fruit which is sweet and refreshing. I simply love this food but this is seasonal. It actually ripe at the same time as durian but nowadays durian can be found 365 days. So, if you would like to have this, come over at around June to September and I am sure you will find some of it selling at the market. Remember market and not supermarket.

Find out these food are so tempting to you? So what are you waiting for? Click into any airline and book your tickets now. You will never regret where you are going and I bet you will get more than what you would expect!


songsong said…
eiii..pei pei..u eat talap///din ajak....sad sad ler...i miss talap soooooo muchie ler...haha
-pEi- said…
aiks....u should tell me...but i dun think i can bring back..
sure become juice when arrive
Anonymous said…
hi! May i know where did u bought the green tiny kuih packed in plastic bag? krokop 10?
-pEi- said…
i usually bought it from town area...krokop 10 have it too but it depends on individual taste

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