LOMO Photo

As I had post before I got a new lomo on my birthday and it is digital so it would be more faster for me to post up my trial pic compare to the first lomo camera which I haven't develop yet.
It comes with extra 4 jelly lens that had different effect. I currently only used 2 out of 4.

Normal settings
Fisheye Lens
Lite Wave lens

So how was it? Do you think the effect is nice? Still need more improvement and also constructive comment from all of you.


dasolve said…
i think the performance is within my expectation as it is a small camera, small lens. saturation wise should be like that already. Sharpness wise i am not sure it can be like a normal camera. Give it more try such as put on flat surface and try again
joyce said…
the white one, isit lomo camera?

how's the function?
like the common camera also?
must use with the lomo lens?

so cute :)
-pEi- said…
ya that's the lomo cam joyce
basically lomo cam have to use film but this is digital so u can just capture and get ur picture instantly

but u cant view it but u can slot in memory sd card in it
ur hand have to be stable for this lomo cam as it takes a few second before it captures the picture

u can visit lomo-crewz.blogspot.com or dtjustfilm.blogspot.com they had lots of choices of lomo cam

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