Shi Li Xiang Bak Kut Teh

Since I was a kid this restaurant had been really famous with its bak kut teh. People used to purposely go there and have their bak kut teh. Even their shop name " Shi Li Xiang " means you can smell the aroma of it from far away. This shop used to situate at Krokop 3 and now moved to centrepoint area.
For me their quality seems to frop a little but so far no one can compete with them at Miri. Of course you can't compare with those of homecook. So, if you came over to Miri remember to visit this bak kut teh shop.
Bak Kut Teh
This is a must pick from the menu. What is the point of not picking bak kut teh in a bak kut teh restaurant isn't it? Doesn't make sense at all. The soup is still best and their meat is not so thick layer but indeed nice for everyone. Try it to believe it.
You Tiao
This is somehow a must in bak kut teh. The crispy you tiao soak all the soup from bvak kut teh make it taste yummy.

Pork Mix cook with White Wine
I just love the wine aroma. Not too over and great mixture which is well blend. Somehow if you drink the soup you will actaully love it. Not as heavy as an alcohol. Thumbs up!!
Mix Vege
I like the thick gravy that cook with the vege. Nice and superb.

The dinner that night was awesome. They have outdoor and indoor. You know indoor is non-smoking and outdoor is smoking area. So choose your favorite and enjoy your meal.


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