This is another restaurant I had visited during my time back in Miri. This is an old cafe which had been renovated and had a brand new look. It is much better compare to the previous one. The had more comfortable space and also environment to sit in.

Our drinks before our meal arrived. They still had those cafe style of drinks but maintaining almost the same price? Magnificent isn't it? With the same price you paid you get better services? Worth it!
Fried Chicken Floss Rice
Goo's ordered but she did not finish it. She is not feeling well but I guess it is a bit too dry as there is no gravy.
Butter Prawn Rice
This is an ordered from a special guest. I guess it looks tasty to all of you. Picture says a thousand word. He finished it all and makes my saliva drop too but I can't have prawn.
Taufu with mixed vege
I just love it and the gravy is nice. Personally I love some gravy and sticky type of cooking but not the watery type. I finished the whole plate because I am hungry. But it was nice too.

This is our special guest. Know who is he? I better keep his name secret unless he wanted to be review.


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