BBQ session on 06/09/09

WE had a BBQ session last week just right before the night I fly back to Miri. Thanks to ll the old buddies to make the effort and had a mini meet up. We had this bbq session after the karaoke session. Before we had our main course we had appetizer all the way from Seremban.

The pineapple tart and also sao pao. Some say good in seremban, KL and whole west Malaysia?? hehehehe Try and check it out.

The guys trying to put up the fire from charcoal. Hard work guys and keep it up!!!

The girls were in the kitchen giving some helping hand to our chef and I am just busying capturing.

Our chef of the day!!

Liang teh to cool down our heavy meal that night. Thanks to Garry who makes all the effort.

Marinated chicken by Garry. Yummy Yummy~

Secret Recipe from Garry. Not bad. Sweet and sour that blast off~

This is the main course. I told you the prok was super duper awesome. You have to be fast to grab if not you will just miss out this good stuff.

And last a birthday cake from them. Thanks to all of them who were they that night. A very touching night from them.

Girls of the night
Guys of the night
Group photo of the night
My cake from all my buddies

Thanks to all of you. I had a great night. LOVE YA ALL!!


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