Give me a minute....

Things doesn't seems to go on smoothly and right recently.
It's just that more and more problems popping up which I can't solved.
I am so so tired of it and wanted to take a minute out of it.
Finally I decided to run back where I belong.
It might be an action of a coward but indeed I would treat it as a time for me to relax my mind and soul, pampered myself and gathered with some long time unseen friend.
Been really tiring these couple of months.
Wanted to treat myself better and cure my serious homesick.
Wouldn't be long but it is better than nothing.
I am fine and I am now counting every seconds to set free like a bird who wishes to fly out of cage.


songsong said…
can eat gan mian....happy...many things to eat in miri o...enjoy urself in miri and hv a good rest

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