My Colleagues

It's my last day of work yesterday. I am not that sad thou but somehow gona miss them much. Maybe I will meet them soon again that is why saddness does not actually conquer me but somehow I shall write something about them.
First of all, emily. She is my mummy as what we called her sometimes. That's a long story how this name appear to be, so we will just missed out the granny story. She is cute, tall and talkative like me. But she is awesome. She is great in design and that is what she is doing. Impressive work that she had been producing. EMily, see this don't be too arrogant ya!!!
Next is pretty Jolene. She is also a lovely girl. We had great time fooling around. Maybe we are at the same age that is why we do share something in common. She had so much passion in something she do. She is definitely someone who gona go for her dreams and would not even give up. Tough girl you are. Remeber we are always bff babe!!!
.......when 3 of us comes around we gona be MADLYYYYY CRAZY!!! The whole office, no no, our own places were surrounded with our voices and laughter. Hopefully we did not interrupt others and makes them annoyed. I miss both of you so much now. How I wish we could hang out again and go crazy without worrying who we gona interrupt.hahahahah
I almost miss out another one. Wei Ying. She is the cutest girl but yet people's wife already. Even sometimes they all tend to bully me sometimes but still they are great girls. They had teached me lots of things I don't used to know. They guide me through every job I need to be done. Thanks to al of you. I am gona miss u all so so so much!!!


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