I had been saying to get my hair-do so so long. And FINALLY I had done it. This was such a mixture of feeling. I was so so nervous on the time I did it. It was even more excited than going to an exam hall. It was more nervous than meeting someone I like...hahahahha (just for description)
A hair wash before perming my hair.
Starting to roll my hair up and ended I had around 20 rolls. That was so so much. My head was such a burden because it was so heavy.
This is how it looks like when it is all done. And there is wire connected to that round thing that rolls the hair to the machine.
After 3 hours of sit, blow, wash and wait and here it is the outcome of it. Please tell me it looks good, but even it looks bad I can't change anything. After 22 years of straight hair and now I get a new hairstyle.


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