Do you know what do Malacca actually famous of? Ya, of course the heritage but besides that their famous chicken rice ball is a MUST have when you were there. We get to come to this super long queue stall and some said the most famous in town chicken rice ball.

Their interior design is just like the town, very heritage feeling and mood. You can see every stall or shop is modify from all these all shop houses. When you step in you will feel like you were in a house and not a shop. The only difference is the crowd.
Chicken Rice Ball
Their famous chicken rice ball. Do not look down on this small round thing. It is quite full if you can finish it all. Somehow it is not only rice but their add in additional glutinous rice to made it sticky. I love their rice so much. Nice aroma and yet you won't feel sticky of having it too much.
Their chicken I think just very ordinary. So I guess selling point is not on these chicken. Miri had better place who sell better chicken than them
See how Casper and Becca tasted their food. We had a long journey to go, so must had full energy before we started.


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