Malacca Trip

I am back from my Malacca Trip and it was a really great one. Finally I had some time to update the pictures and also where were we about when we were at Malacca. It was never better and felt great that I had join my friends along to this historical place where Malaysia started!
Before really begin our journey we stop by at the petrol station to start up our light brunch. On the Run food. Feel so different from having a proper meal but indeed a great experience in life. Stop, eat and go. A quick one!!
Journey to Malacca from our places takes around 2 hours and we really had nothing better to do. This is the ticket that we need to pass through KL and enter into Malacca. It was some sort of like passing the border but you will never see it at the east Malaysia.
Finally after 2 hours we reached and it was a great place. I feel it was so much like Miri but still there is little difference in terms of their cultural. Alright enough of talking, I guess picture will do better talking than I do.

Cheng Ho
Night, we went over to Seremban and met up a friend to had dinner with him. We had crabs and it was a great one. But who knows he forget to turn the light off and ended up the car could not started. Luckily, they were so many tough guys around medical guy can also be a great mechanic!
Even our trip was a short one but we did enjoy. On the second that, we went over to Jonker Street. And it took up the whole day for us to walk around.

Baba & Nyonya Heritage
A must visit because this is the place where the movie Little Nyonya take place.
Fascinating culture that will amaze you.
The Clock Tower
Around this place is all the red uilding where the portugal left over?

This is a great capture because I can see great sunlights and also great view from up here.

The Trishaw is a must ride over.
The Ship

Our historical Legend Icon
Hang Tuah

Eye On Malaysia
That's basically what we had gone through but there's much more. Too much to say in here. Our final stop we had our meal at the bridge overhead at the highway. We had A&W and that puts on a great end for our Malacca trip.


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