31 December 2009 - 2009 Preview

I know most of the bloggers would write about a preview on what they had done for this whole year. Nevertheless I would do that too but I would first look at what had happened to the world that had influence all the people and also bring a great effects to us.

Top 3 on the list for me would be :

1. Barrack Obama the first American - African born President

Still remember when America is electing for their president. When Obama is in the final election everyone is looking forward to it. Everyone is hoping he would be the next president of America and yet their wishes come true. Obama had most grand ceremony as what I had know of. Everyone knows he has the capability to build a better America or even the world and we are hoping that everyone was right.
2. Death of Michael Jackson in his 50

The mysterious death of Michael had been really shocking people around the world including me. He is always a great star and King of POP for most of the people. People had been crazy about him. His song had been accompanied lots of growing up children and teenagers. No matter how many bad news was spreading he is always a caring and lovable MJ in many people's heart.
3. Swine Flu - AH1N1

Swine Flu suddenly attack earth. Everyone was feeling so unsecured when this virus spreads. Everyone was living in horror and scared. This is a virus which takes quite a while to be settle down. Even it is not as serious as SARS but still lots of life's had been taken away. Is this a signal from earth? Is this signal that, we, human should acknowledge our own mistake? I don't know. What comes around must have a reason.

Above is what I personally think the most influential happenings on 2009 to the world. Now I would like to summarize what's the most influential thing happen in my life for 2009.

Nothing much actually happen this year compare to last year 2008. I don't know whether I shall consider my life as a boring one or I am just lucky because maybe something did not happen might be better isn't it? Meaning nothing bad comes around.

The most memorable things that happen in my life are :

1. Potrait Model

For the very first time I had been doing the modelling but not a professional one. Helping my friends out for their shooting. A great experience that I had always wanted to have. It ain't easy. It was a very challenging job to have and I get to learned a lot from all parties. It was a great experienced and I believe would help me learned in my growing process.

2. Changes in Hair

I know this might be really ridiculous but for me it is a big changes that I had been considering for very long. I get my hair curl. I had never in my 22 years life having a curl hair. I am so used to have straight hair. Every time I wake up seeing my normal straight hair makes me so comfort but now everything had changed.
This is my decision, I shall had no regrets. I am glad I did make this decision as life is main to have changes but of course not being bad.

2009 ain't any great one to me but it had no bad to me too. I am hoping for a better 2010 and more adventurous life.

Happy New Year 2010 everyone!!!


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