People knew that food is a never miss out thing from my lens wherever I went to. This time round will never be an exception too. Upon reaching Malacca we did not taste the Chicken Rice Ball as what all the Malacca-ians had been introducing. For us, we had been driving all the way down to Seremban and taste some crab meat.
I really had no idea what does this place had but I certainly heard of their famous Siew Pau and actually it taste really good.
Back to the point, we went to this Restaurant Tian Xiang, introduced by a friend.
Kai Lan
Personally I think this is a little oily but I kinda like their fried onion that they put on top of it. I taste great with the plain vege.
Soy Sauce Chicken
Nothing much special about it but the gravy is somehow to sweet for me. But this is not the main course so we shall go forward to it.
This is their famous taufu. That's the plate of food that I had the most. Simple and yet doesn't taste too heavy. Just suit me the best.
Crab with Salted Egg
Cooking crab with salted egg had been one of the famous way of tasting the freshness of crab but somehow I had something better than this before. But these are quite ok also but not as good as I previously tried before.
Sweet sauce Crab
I don't know whether I got it right but that's how it actually taste. Personally I prefer this than the previous one above. This give me a better combination with the crab meat. Even it is sweet but you still can taste great crab meat taste. One thing I shall admit is they really have big fresh, sweetly crab.


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