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How much people out there really know how much states do Malaysia have? Even they knew it but they would never know where they actually situated.

People would be proud of how much country they had been to but never feel ashamed that they had never been to most of the states of their own country.

As a Malaysian I am proud to be one of the citizens. Having this opportunity I would like to describe a few things and attractions of my homeland, MIRI ! When you see this word, how much do you really know about this place? No idea? When someone mentioned Brunei they would know but Miri is just neighbors’ to them and they never knew where is Miri or Miri actually exist.

Frankly speaking, I never knew the exact history of this place I called homeland but I knew partially about it and grow up with it. Watching it grow and expand with achievement is just like parents watching their child grow up and the happiness can never ever described by any words in dictionary.

From a small town we had been upgraded to a resort city on May 2005. As part of Mirian, I am so glad and honor to be there to watch that historical moment happened. Even we are just a small town but we are not useless. People had known us as the oil & gas city that can compete with other countries like Brunei. Visit Grand Old Lady and you will get to know more about it. We have the first oil well in the country and had been contributing for ages.

Living in a multi race country, we are living peacefully as a community. We are rich of multi culture that others don’t get to enjoy. We celebrate our festival together and non-racist by having home visit to the other race home during festive seasons. Never forget about our city icon, the seahorse and our homeland flower icon, periwinkle. This both icon used to be part of the decoration whenever festive seasons arrive. Mall will mostly have them to let foreigners or even visitors to know them as part of us.

I remember just few years back where I have to leave home and come over to the west to pursue my studies. I thought I would have great time over and never knew I will suffer from homesick. Being apart from family and home is really suffering and now I approached this forum called Miri Community.

It had actually brought me a step closer to my homeland even though I am thousand miles away from home. I get to know most of the updated news than news paper does. I get to know new friends which I never dare to in real life. I get to link back with some old friends that I never knew I will be meeting them again. Thanks to Miri community I am once again connected to them and also Miri.

There is always no place better than home. Have you reminded about your homeland after reading this? Or did your mind just flash through reminding how long you had not been back home? Don’t wait another second and start taking action for a trip back to where you called home. As for me, Miri will always be my home no matter where I am or where I will be.


IM FROM MIRI ALSO MAH...i love miri
-pEi- said…
ya shutter so plan to write one?
had u seen my post on the lomo photo?
give me some comment ya
Remaong said…
Pei, miri upgraded on 20 May 2005. Not 2004.
-pEi- said…
oh really
coz i rmb was during my school time

thanks for reminding and dropping by
Remaong said…
Yup, very easy to remember, 20-05-2005. Both are 2005. Cheers!
songsong said…
yea yea...miri ROCKS....wahahha
pei, good luck to you for the mc.net contest ~ !! =D
-pEi- said…
definitely agree

thanks for dropping by
wish u lucks too
Anonymous said…
The rule of the contest stated that the submission should have a minimum of 1,000 words. Yours have only 567 words. Hmm ~

Good luck, anyway.
-pEi- said…
oh ya...
tried to count and realise that
is okie and least I tried
thanks for telling

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