Food Maniacs

Remmber the previous post about Seremban food? Ya, our journey does not end there. We went for second round just right after that. I really think we are beggars or somehow really had a big tummy that can fill in so much food. Really mad we are. I don't really remember the name of it but it was a big shop which sell siew pao too and just right after you pass by the toll plaza.
Mix Vege
Very nice one. That's the only vege we had for the second round session.
Tong Po Pork Meat
I don't know how we called it in english but people who loves fatty meat will love this. This is quite nice but I think taste better if it is a little bit more sweet. The bun is the best for me. I never eat such great nice soft bun.
Yim Kok Kai
Salty chicken?? I guess that's how it should be when directly translated it into english. Not bad but I guess it doesn't taste right enough for how it named. But I kinda like the taste of the gravy. Little salty and the aroma of herbs existed. Excellent for my taste bud.
Kam Hiong Crab
This is a little too spicy for me. I am never a spicy person. Just one I had called for stop. Not really my taste. I still prefer the previous soy sauce crab.
Overall, we had spend lots lots for our food and we are eating like mad dogs. Just too full but with great satisfaction.


songsong said…
so jealous o...i want to hv those too!! looks so delicious...haha
-pEi- said…
song, wait u n shir come back we can have it too

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