A memorable Tea Party

Attended a tea party yesterday. It was actually not a work but instead a party to attend before I left the company behind. It was interesting and very christmas-y thou. But what I am more surprise of was get to see my BFF again. Missing them so so much. They look pretty and beautiful on the day. Make up do makes us different.
Besides entertaining the customer we will never forget to capture some nice photos. It is a must whenever it comes to this certain occasion.
pEi & weiying
Kevin & pEi
This is the piece of photo that I love the most. A picture of 3 of us. Just like a family portrait isn't it??? hahahahahaha...u both there what do you think? Am i correct? huh? huh? huh? Anyway miss u gals lots lots. Do take care till we meet again, BFF's!!!

p/s: more photos at facebook


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