I just realised that I had not been posting mush about food this month. Not much outing for the month as all were busy with their assignments, mid term test and some more exam is around the corner. Been missing my buddies much and how coincidence that I met them yesterday after work. Jump into their car and started our journey.
Went for shopping which I had been not doing for months and missing it a lot. After a round of shopping its again time for food craving. This time round we went to fireman. Why fireman? Because it is a place for steamboat. Somehow not using fire but electrical stove. Personally think it is goo for safety purpose especially when they are kids around.

This fireman restaurant is pork free so you won't find any prok in their menu. I am not sure whether they are halal or not as I did not see any malays around.
Their interior design is not bad. Love the whole environment and the black and red color of the wall paint.

We had been ordering lots lots of food. we had 3 rounds of ordered and we can ordered anything in the menu so what are we waiting for? Of course we gona eat as much as we can and believe me you will never believe how much we ate that night.

This is only a portion of it and that's only the first round. We fully eaten for 3 round and really really enjoying the food.

This is only part of the basket of the food. Tall enough? Not really, some if it the waiter actually took it back after its empty.

See how eager this lady and gentleman craving for food. We are hungry after round of walk.
That's not all, we even had show to watch while enjoying our food. Nice isn't it? How often you will have such show in a restaurant? Fire show. Is this the reason they called the name of fireman or because their name is firemen and they get a fire show?? hmmmpppp~~~~

This little baby girl is cute. I was playing with her while having my food. She is so lovely and cute tho. Her bro is also a nice young boy. See how sweet is her smile. Pretty lady she will be when she grow up.
The last round. The previous 2 round had been kept away by the waiter.
Last and final round is the dessert. We knew that mostly when we go for steamboat, ice-cream is the muct dessert in the menu.
Pictures after the food is a must. How can we miss out our happy moment. Enjoy everyone? Come over to Petaling Jaya and you will find lots of food craving restaurant.


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