MASK as controlled item

Everyone knows that due to A(H1N1) the demand for mask had actually increased. People had been buying impulsive mask for storage. Demand increase and supplies maintain therefore problems occured.

And now the seller or pharmacy trying to get this opportunity to increase the price of mask and earned more. This is really a bad habit to practice. It is like getting a chance to grab when there is fire occur ( translate over from "逞火打劫" ). That is why government had now set mask as a controlled item.

The price had been set and announced today. The price range are from RM 0.07 to RM 6.00 per piece vary from the type of mask. That is the ceiling price which means the max price of each mask. Nothing goes higher than that to protect consumer rights. We had many types of mask, 1 layer, 2 layer, 3 layer and most effective N95. This is not nokia phone but truly code for a mask.

2 Layer mask is probably the commonly used mask because it is more comfy and user friendly.
This is the N95 which is the most effective mask to use and recommended from pharmacy. This mask will be set to maximum RM 6.00 per piece.
If you think both the above mask looks bad and ugy on you, try something like below...........
BUT I won't gurantee that it is useful and effective enough to protect you. But somehow you can wear mask and wear another layer of this cute one outside.......


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