52 Anniversary

Malaysia is celebrating its 52 years old birthday. I am happy that we had been celebrating it 52 years of independence. It is really not easy and I do wish people would appreciate what we are having and enjoying now. DO not let history repeat. Anyway, forget about those and let me tell you what I done to respect this day. I WENT SHOPPING YESTERDAY!!

Not a celebration but to pampered myself instead. Its been quite a while since I last shop. I did not went around to shop when I started to work. Miss the fun of grabbing stuff. Before mega sales end I should spend some money. Went to Sg Wang and Times Square. The crowd is always around at that place. Digi having their roadshow and I took at picture with RM1 man....not yellow man....I think he ( which I think that Rm 1 was) was cute and pity. I did not find any hole that he can breath on. Pity him.
Alright don't bother that and I shall let you all have a peep what have I got. I got myself my very first pair skinny jeans. If you know Sg Wang well they often had this RM 25 or RM 20 or even RM 10 whole shop.

Finally I found a shop which allowed me to try and I find that pair of skinny jeans fit me well and without second thought I grab it. yohuuuuuu~~~~ I get my first desired stuff.
I bought a p[air of gladiator sandal. I had been looking for it quite a long time. Wanted something special and yet not complicated. Finally found one and to my surprise when I pay they gave discount on it. Yippie.....another happy thing.
This is the thing I am happy of because I get myself another checkered shirt and this time it was yellow. You will see nowadays people are selling and wearing checkered shirt everyone. It is the latest trend tho. It never goes outdated and lots great for either male or female.
SHOES SHOES SHOES. I love to buy shoes and here comes another pair of shoes. This is so so cheap that I had ever bought in my life. It is RM 25 for two. You did not read it wrongly, it is really RM25 FOR TWO!!! I could hardly believe it when I saw it so me and my sis bought the same pair of shoes.
Lastly just a pair of hair band. Get it because it was cute and lovely. Not expensive tho so why not. That's all for my shopping list. Really get some sort of satisfaction out of it but can't do it always. My purse will be bleeding like hell if I do that everyday. Luckily 1U is not Sg Wang. If not I would have bought something back everyday.

Lastly Happy Merdeka everyone!! Kudos~


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