We knew that with the advanced technology we had now everything was really convenient with just a click. We can pay our bill in just a click. We can transfer our money in just a click or we can even buy or sell with just a click and not stepping out of your door house. That's e-shopping or e-purchasing.

I started to buy cloths and stuff online few years back. It was really very convenient when I am really lazy but of course there will be risk you need to face of. But somehow I get satisfaction every time I bought things through net. Cloths. shoes, bag and now I tried phone. I just get my phone yesterday which I had been wanted for so long and finally I got it. This is the thing I was mentioning at the previous post GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS.

I got my own very first e-shopping phone and its better than I thought. LOVE IT!


ss said…
nice phone!!! wahahahaha
-pEi- said…
ya ya totally agree
love it so much

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