When you see this I believe you will know its time for food again. It was avery busy day yesterday because I went to lend my helping hand to the creative people in my company. It was indeed a very good experience that I can learn from and you will never expect that doing a magazine need so so much of work behind the scene.

Alright enough of that let's move on. This is my dinner after the shoot. I was damn hungry because we had been working the whole day. Seeing all those big production, working with the models and local celebs and then carrying stuff for the shoot is really not easy.

This CHILLI Pan Mee is actually requested by my colleague. She had been saying this cafe the day before the shoot so I would like to give it a try.


This is just like normal pan mee. But you had to add the chilli yourself according to your own preference. They said their chilli is really hot and spicy which ordinary people who do not eat spicy stauff can hardly stand of.

This is the normal pan mee. But somehow I love the light taste of the soup. The noodles taste better with it because you can feel the elasticity of the noodle which is really nice.
I kinda regreted of ordering this. It's not because of not good but it is too spicy for me to handle it. I think the curry is good enough of how the way they cook it. I bet curry and spicy lovers would definitely love it when they smeel the aroma of it.

We ordered this additionally to eat with our pan mee since we were so hungry. I love the way the cook it. It's light and love he garlic that had been put on the top of the vege.
LOVE IT? Come over to damansara and open your taste bud to have this food in. I bet you will love the spicy-ness of it.


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