Break In

I was antonished by a called when I was at work. Sister ask me to buy lock. I wonder why does she need a lock since our luggage doesn't need one at all and then she told me our home lock had some problem and can't open. Then she reported to the mangement to open it.

What makes me more worried was that even condo is not secured anymore. Security is somehow mislooking some of the people that are entering the condo. Hopefully they can tighten their security to ensure our safety. I bought the new lock for RM 38.90. Not the cheapest but also not the most expenisve one. Hopefully this new one would last.


= FLoReNcE = said…
Yeap. Shud be alert all the time when u r staying outside especially when u r alone at home.

Take care gal.
-pEi- said…
ya flo i will and u too ya...
-pEi- said…
lazy la..besides its another few months more before end contract

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