There's basically 2 good news or happy things happened today that live up my day. First of all, I got something that I had been seeking for long. Keep it mysterious at the moment. Will post it up when I got it, maybe tomorrow.

The second thing that I am happy about was that I received a brand new shoes from a brand that I had been wanted so long. ALDO! This shoes is really really expensive and Joanne had gave me as a gift for my helping hand.

I finally realized that my hard work really pays. The shoe doesn't seems to be elegant but it is very comfortable and the price of it is something that I wouldn' t bought for myself. So, I would like to thank her for that.

Here comes the bad news. Somehow I believe when you had something good there would be something bad in return to balance everything. Like what they said karma? I don't know but somehow I heard that my housemate was a confirmed H1N1. I wondered how true it is because no one from the general hospital ask us to be quarantine for a week. SO should I or should I not going to work tomorrow?


sze said…
take care le, my buddy!
i think u shud jus stay at home and take a leave..
-pEi- said…
i will my dear
i am wondering too...
and u take care too ya...
if possible dun sleep late
not good for health
lasapka said…
the shoe could be bad news
H1N1 is good news, it makes you understand more how important is life. lol
-pEi- said…
lasapka u always come out with different perception as others
but tats outstanding
songsong said…
yea yea, pei....i agree with sze....must take care and drink more water o...make sure u hv enugh sleep too o....hehe..
-pEi- said…
i will song dear
sleep early wake up early
u too ya

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