I'm Addicted to Olay Game

I know and believe most of us the bloggers, nuffnangers or any people out there no matter men or women, old or young is actually addicted to Facebook or better known as Facebook. There is a lot of games in it such as Pet Society, Sorority Life, Farm Ville and top of all REstaurant City. Besides there are also quizes that actually cure your boredom when you had nothing better to do. Or you can even make you own quiz to let people know about you in "How Well Do you Know..." . To be frank, it really makes spare time great instead of a dull one.

Somehow, I found out something better than FB few days ago. You can play and win something in return now. Sounds awesome isn't it? Previously we used to only play but nothing else had been better than that and now there is such great things to do and you are enjoying yourself playing and you still stand a chance to win prizes, isn't it superb??

OLAY had been generous enough to let us play and win prizes. You can get twice satisfaction in LIFE don't you? There are great prizes giving away. First prize OLAY are giving away iPHONE, second prize they are giving SONY latest digital cam T900 and third prizes they will give out their own product OLAY Natural White product set which is good for ladies.

Alright enough of talking on the prizes, let's move to the main point which is the game part. You had to play 6 different games in OLAY Finding Fairness. Each game had a similar thing that is you had to make sure that your level of fairness doesn't drop to darkness, if you do then you will lose the game.

There's 6 different places represents 6 different games. It is up to you which one to play first. First, the word searching section. I actually had no idea how to play this when I first click into it. I just simply click and click but no where to get all those alphabet. i gave up but I went into it for second trial and at last I got it. I can't just ignore it because in order to qualify I had to complate all the 6 games to be eligible to win the rpizes. The game is limiting 1 minute time for you to complete. So, better keep you mouse clicking.

The second game is something like bejeweled which we used to play. This is easy enough but you had to make sure sure youare getting all those vitamin in the row so that you can keep yurself as fair as possible as shown on the level bar at the left bottom side.

Third, the crossword puzzle game. Been ages since I last played this. A fun one for me but certainly need a better eyesight.

This is a tough one for me indeed. You had to avoid the obnstacles came over you and get all those vitamin. I might as well wondering I might not be good in controlling my direction.

Out of all I guess this is giving me a hard time. I am not used to playing such thing on screen but better on real. Pressing all those arrow making me mad. I seems to press it either before the arrow actually reached or after it passed. Really tough.

The last one is just clicking and more clicking on the items shown on the screen. You have to click as fast as possible in order to get as much scores as possible in that one minute. This was fun too for me.

Finally, after you had completed six of them, send over your final score and wait for the results. You can play again and again if you think your scores does not satisfy you. They had no LIMIT on how many times you can play. Just play as much as you want. So, what are you still waiting for? Start clicking now GIRLS!!!

I had to tag 5 people to beat my score's. here they are:

1. Donna Bong

2. Doris Bong

3. GooLooLoo



Girls, this is my score and I believe it is an easily beat score. Play today and win your prizes home!


= FLoReNcE = said…
LOL....PEI PEI!!! U MADE ME GET ADDICTED TO ANOTHER GAME AGAIN. I have get addicted to Facebook nowadays. I will be even busier for the Olay game now.
-pEi- said…
sharing is caring isn't it?
hahahahaha.....playing game is not a bad thing, nesides it can helps u to release ur stress a little bit so no harm of it

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